CREW for Jack-Up Rig (Mexican/EU) OIMBarge EngineerRSTB / ABChief ElectricianElectricianChief MechanicMechanicDeck PusherCrane OperatorMotormanMedicRadio OperatorCatering Email More Oil & Gas […]

OFFSHORE POSITIONS (Drilling) 1- Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)2- Senior Toolpusher (STP)3- Toolpusher (TP)4- Driller5- Assistant Driller (AD)6- Chief Electrician (CE)7- […]

Full Crew for Oil and Gas Project (Saudi Arabia) Rig Manager Office status residentOIM OffshoreSenior ToolpusherNight Toolpushersenior DrillerChief MechanicChief ElectricianPMS […]

Hiring in middle east drilling CrewCurrently working with our Client looking for Drilling Crew in middle east, for the following […]